Our Approach
The value of a firm of Independent Public Accountants for their customers is not only determined by its size, area of influence or particular expertise. Rather, it bases its philosophy of service to its customers and the desire, dedication and determination of its staff to provide professional services of the highest quality.
Our commitment to customers is to provide services that go from simple audit function numbers. We believe that you as ABF customers, Nicargua, S. A. is unique and our service technical proposal takes into account their special needs. We began our commitment to update our understanding of the operations, control environment, philosophy and objectives of the management of your company, as this will facilitate the preparation of an audit plan and working guide tailored to your needs. As a result, our audit and / or consulting a review and revision produce efficient and effective, and operationally practical recommendations aimed at finding a solution within a continuous improvement, permanent and open communications with the administration of your company and timely issue of Board reports for our clients.
What sets ABF, NICARAGUA, S. A. as an audit firm and / or Consultant, is the way we work, what we call LINK between our customers and us, which is shown in how we do things, hand in hand with what we describe. The following sections highlight aspects of this approach that identifies us as Certified Public Accountants and the benefits that our approach provides our customers.
Talkaround Global Fortress Leading our Profession Looking the Future
Always willing to talk with our customers
We propose another way to address difficult issues.

Our communication plans focus on the key risks and mitigating them.
We bring experience and expertise to all our clients.

We quickly mobilize our team to serve our customers

We have the human and material resources necessary to do their jobs and deliver an audit and / or quality consulting conducted by leaders with guaranteed quality standard
Promote reforms reporting models requiring corporate governance.

The partners of the firm are members of international organizations that govern the profession of Accounting and Auditing.

f We are able to support our customers in our contacts with regulators on key issues affecting their audit in accordance with the regulatory environment.
We invest in research and innovation in benefit of our customers with the latest technical tools.

We take a leadership role in the development and completion of our work and the financial reports of you.
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