The needs of our clients in their relationships with their auditors, beyond merely accounting advice and issuing an opinion on the financial statements. Our vocation is to be able to provide them comprehensive advice services in taxation and employment, legal, economic, efficiency and effectiveness or operational, financial and information systems, environmental experts, and training, among others.
Audits of Financial
Statements Based on NIA
Special audits for fraud and economic crimes.
Audit of Revenues and Expenses of funds allocated for specific projects. Process Audits, risks and controls. Project audits for results.
Tax Audit under the plan will, municipal laws and related regulations. Audit of compliance with internal and external regulatory standards.
Audit Risk Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism (AML / FT). Administrative audits or efficiency and effectiveness.
Audit and / or consultancies, genres, Operating with environmental impact. Special audit of the accounts specified financial statements.
Financial accounting and special automated and specific accounts.
Preparation of accounting manuals and catalogs.Charges.
Functions manuals and Human Resources. Operating Manuals:
Fixed Fund, Inventory, Fixed Assets, financial, legal advice, strategies, contingency plan, Credit, Recoveries, Finance.,
About tax regime and labor rights and obligations.
Joint Committee Training for health and safety: Technical and organizational preparation of technical regulations, plans, occupational hazards, other.
Outcome evaluations:
Measuring impact of projects related to the environment, social.
Evaluation of the internal control system components.
Evaluation of general security measures and control of monitoring the implementation of these, Legal services:
Commercial business consultancy;Property judgments,Assistance in Criminal
Basic Financial Statement Preparation:
Balance Sheet, Income Statements, and Cash Flow Source and application of resources.
Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements.
Development of notes to the financial statements. Lifting and / or certification of physical inventory Accounting, with tax and municipal tax.
About Management Accounting for decision making, with modern approach.
Other Services:
General Risk Management and Mitigation controls. Code of conduct disciplinary work or business.
Recoveries of Portfolio Management. Certifications / Atestiguamientos Take physical inventories.
Surveys offer services surveys and market demands, economic, political and other. Evaluation of jobs for efficiency and effectiveness
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